Feature: Purchases of the Week

Lately I've been wearing very minimal makeup and I can't believe I haven't adopted the routine sooner.

Not only do I feel more confident in my own skin, but it's also a massive time saver. 

I noticed how terrible my pores have gotten lately; so I looked into a fine grain face scrub and settled for Formula 10.0.6's One Smooth Operator Pore Clearing Face Scrub. I've been using it for a week and I'm already seeing a massive difference. I chose it specifically as well because it contains zinc to help minimise shine.

I also looked into a new foundation. I was using Rimmel's Stay Matte (which I blogged about here), and while it was good, it wasn't perfect; so I bought Almay's Truly Lasting Colour which is designed to last for 16 hours and is hypoallergenic. So far, so good. The below picture was taken after I got home from work (I have a 10 hour day) and I think my makeup lasted pretty well!