Outfit: Pink Chain

Target Boys t-shirt (cut off) / Supre shorts / Bargain store pink chain

This is my first post as vacantlake.blogspot.com (ugh). But I guess at the same time it gives me an excuse to order those new business cards I designed 6 months ago rather than waiting to use up my old ones.

I was mid constructing this post on Sunday afternoon when I noticed that vacantlake.com now directed to a terrible unused domain that listed vacant properties. After discovering that I had missed renewing my payment for vacantlake.com by one day (ONE FREAKIN DAY) and someone had bought it out, I was absolutely shattered. 

I still am, but it's been refreshing to see just how many people have been affected by this. It's good to know that despite my lack of attention to Vacant Lake recently, I still have fans and people who want to help me out. Thank you for that.

Anyway, to my latest blog post. I purchased this pink chain at Easter to use on a DIY but I forfeited it when I couldn't get it work the way I wanted. So, I decided to pair it with a white oversized cropped tee and some white shorts.