DIY: Dress to Skirt

I finally got around to sorting through majority of the clothes I was looking to sell/throw out/give away when I realised a lace dress in the pile could be easily altered into a skirt.
Since it already had elastic through the waist, I only had to make a few alterations - including putting in a zip - to give this garment another chance in my wardrobe.



Diva sunglasses / T-Bar shirt / DIY skirt / Lovia Ring / Famous Footwear sandals

In the clean out I realised just how much there was that I could work with for future DIY posts.
I'm pleased to say that I have handled my little shopping addiction that I had 12 months ago. I don't buy on impulse anymore, only items that I can see myself wearing long term.
A true "fashionista" - for want of a better word - should, after all, be able to work with what she already has.