Feature: Laura

It seems the rain is here to stay and my reluctance to head out anywhere to do an outfit shoot leaves me with zero images for you today.

However, I am forever trying to develop more knowledge and skills in photography and I spent this afternoon taking self portraits in a more peaceful and spiritual way than usual. I washed my hair this morning and let it dry naturally to emphasise an 'organic' feel.

I was inspired by (and am in no way close to being any where near as brilliant as) Laura Makabresku - an amazing photographer I was introduced to by Hannah yesterday. Her photos make me want to be friends with wolves and dance naked in the woods. Legit.

But anyway, here are my (less awesome) photos from today…

Generally if I want to edit a photo before I post it on Instagram (follow me via username: vacantlake) I use Photoshop on my computer, but today I decided to open up the Photoshop Express app I've had on my iPhone (and never used) for years. I was in awe to discover filters I'd never seen before - yes, very 'Hipster' of me - especially this rainbow overlay, but I'm in love!

I'm also in the process of designing business cards for Vacant Lake today! Not sure when they'll be ready, but I'm very excited. Don't forget to like Vacant Lake on Facebook here.

Enjoy the rest of your evening lovlies.