Feature: Sunday at G.O.M.A.

One of my favourite places to be is the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane's Southbank, but I never go often enough. To this day my favourite exhibition was Andy Warhol's in 2008; he was so freakily fantastic and I could, in many ways, relate to him. Although Sunday's display didn't quite meet his standards, it was still really interesting and kooky (I love a bit of kookiness) and a reminder to get in there more frequently. My friend Jessica accompanied me and we had a fabulous day.

Current GOMA exhibitions include Contemporary Australia: Women Social Networking (both free admission) plus other fascinating displays. Read more about what's on here.

This 'I FORGIVE YOU' piece was, for some reason, my favourite item in the exhibition:

Wax ears (creepy!):

You can make your own species of bird, name it and assign it certain characteristics and habitats. Mine was called 'Smokey' only because it was the first name to come to mind, oddly:

I am VERY much anti-smoking, although I found this 'double cigarette' really fascinating:

If you have the time I highly recommend visiting the gallery to see these displays:

Contemporary Australia: Women closes July 22, 2012
Socia Networking closes July 1, 2012