Feature: My First DSLR

I'm excited to announce that I've stepped up in the world and purchased a DSLR!

Okay, so maybe I, myself, didn't pay for it but I would like to give a massive shout out to my darling parents for their (very, very, very) early 21st present to me. After the Canon ESO 550D that many friends had suggested wasn't available I decided to go with the newer and improved Canon EOS 600D and I am in love. It's my baby and I've even contemplated giving it a name. Seriously.

Not that I knew much about the 550D, but I've read many reviews praising the 600's flip out screen as well as a few other features including built in photography filters (fisheye etc). 

I'm still in beginner stage but since I didn't get my memory card until this evening I took a few snaps of my bedroom for a little practice:

Top made by me / wearing M.A.C. lipstick in Soulfully Rich

Now that I have this piece of devine technology in my grasp you'll be seeing a lot more life on Vacant Lake. Lots of love xx