DIY: Heel Upcycle

Along with most of the world I am in love with the Karissa heel by Tony Bianco
My only problem is that since I don't wear heels all too often I feel like I don't want to spend 
quite that much on any heel and have found no other Karissa alternative in stores around Brisbane.

While looking through a Salvation Army store with my mother and sister I came across this pair 
of $4 gold formal style heels and knew that they were the DIY project I'd been waiting for.

As you all know, I'm not into labels as such, I just like what I like, so these were perfect.


Obviously they are a different shape to the Karissa but I wanted to replicate the thin front 
straps more than anything, however, there were a few things I wanted to change straight up:

1. I find black more elegant and versatile so I needed a colour change 2. The diamante strips just screamed Year 12 Formal to me, and 3. The bows hanging from the clasps on the side were a no-go.


They're no Karissa but I'm pleased with the outcome and they're a fraction of the cost to buy a pair.

Apologises for the really dodgy photographs - hopefully I'll be buying a new camera tomorrow then I'll be getting into some definite outfit posts. So much to look forward to in the next few months!

Have a nice week :)